Nature inspired creative storytelling to build your campaign, tell a story or sell your products.


Media is one of the strongest strings you could have to your bow in this digital era. Whether that be imagery, video or design - it is at the forefront of marketing, influencing and teaching. 

With a passion for the natural world, I hope to inspire people to spend time in nature, encourage use of sustainable products and promote ideas for a healthy planet. 


Whether you want to inspire change, inform on a project or sell products, Tierney Lloyd Creative Media would love to help tell your story.

Photography: Photography has the ability to capture someone in a story through a single image. They hold immense power and can be the catalyst that drives people towards your goal - to buy a product, view your work or a further call to action. 

Videography: From brainstorming to delivering the final product, I can help you in any or all stages of production to produce the best videography for you. Get in touch and we can start discussing your project!

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