Exploring the life-changing power of rewilding through the lives of four Highlanders

Rewilding is a solution to a brighter future for land, wildlife and people. 


It allows nature to take care of itself, restoring the natural balance and creating strong self-regulating environments on land and at sea.


 Rewilding in Scotland is growing expanses of woodland, blanket bog, wetlands, grasslands, moorlands and ocean. What we see today is a glimpse into what it can be.


A modern landscape where people and wildlife can co-exist. 


No relationship survives when one partner just takes everything for itself
– Vance G Martin, President of The Wild Foundation

There is a growing amount of research that shows nature is good for us.


Thriving ecosystems can lead to sustainable hunting, farming, fishing and food production whilst also providing great economic benefits.


Health and wellbeing also dramatically improves as a result of thriving natural environments.


We must start working with nature and stop exploiting it.